25 April 2011

Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4...which one is better??

ai semua...
sejak dua mnjak ni..
moja mengidam bendalah ni la plak....
dulu moja suka kn iphone jew....
sejak kuar blackberry torch ni..moja mula beralih arah...
moja demand ke if nak yg mahal2 jew...bkn niat p0n nak yg mahal2 
tp dah tersuka nak buat camane kan....ermmmm
tp duit xcukup lagi la...sedihhh sudahhhhhh....
so jom kita tgok comparison 2 benda yg plg tersohor abad ini...!!
xleh beli skunk...kita tgk je la dulu..=)

Have you ever wonder which one is better in the Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 comparison? Well, we have given you the insight of what exactly the difference between Blackberry Torch vs Bold 9700. This time, the Blackberry Torch will be compared with its rival, the iPhone 4. Welcome to the Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 comparison!
In this comparison we will compare the Torch vs iPhone 4 based on their specs and features, and we will present them in a simple comparison chart below. After the Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 comparison chart there will be several quick links related to the Torch and iPhone 4. Enjoy the comparison table after the break!
Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 Comparison
Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4

Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 Comparison:Display

Although we here at best Blackberry loves Blackberry smartphones, but in this Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 display comparison the winner is vivid clear. The Blackberry Torch has a good and decent display screen, but it is no match for iPhone 4 retina display. The 3.2 inch touchscreen of Blackberry Torch has no scratch resistant material like the 3.5 inch touchscreen of iPhone 4.

Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 Comparison: Design and Keyboard

The Blackberry Torch dimension is at 111 x 62 x 14.6 mm, while the iPhone 4 has 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm dimension. What does this mean? It means that the iPhone 4 is thinner and a bit longer than Blackberry Torch. However, RIM has decided to put the physical full QWERTY keyboard for Blackberry Torch, and this add some additional weight and makes the Blackberry Torch feels more bulky compared to Apple iPhone 4 (which only uses a virtual QWERTY keyboard). Therefore, I think this is a matter of preference. We cannot argue that the Apple iPhone 4 is a slim and sexy device, but people who prefer physical QWERTY keyboard will choose the Blackberry Torch (performance over look). Therefore, there’s no winner in thie Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 design comparison.

Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 Comparison: Picture Comparison

So below is the side by side comparison picture between Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4. Enjoy!
Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 Picture Comparison - BestBlackberry

Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 Comparison: Processor

Above the paper, when it comes to Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 processor comparison, the iPhone 4 certainly has a better processor compared to Blackberry Torch. Currently the Apple iPhone 4 processor is clocked at 1GHz; while the Blackberry Torch still runs on the old 624MHz processor. But the Blackberry Torch has an edge here. The Blackberry Torch offers a full multitasking, while the iPhone 4 still has some trouble with the full multitasking feature. Therefore, I would like to call the Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 processor and performance comparison a tie.

Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 Comparison: Native Web Browser

One of the main changes that the Blackberry OS 6 brought to Blackberry smartphones is the WebKit browser. This Blackberry native browser is far far far better compared to what the Blackberry OS 5 has. However, is it enough to take on the iPhone 4 native web browser known as the Safari? Well, although Safari may be long existed before the new WebKit browser, the performance is almost the same. Moreover, what makes the Blackberry web browser better compared to Safari is the support for Flash. Therefore, the winner in Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 native web browser comparison goes to Blackberry Torch.

Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 Comparison: Camera

In this part of Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 comparison, it is clear who is the winner. The Blackberry Torch has a 5 megapixel camera that produces a decent pictures and can shoot VGA resolution videos, but that is still behind Apple iPhone 4 camera power. The Apple iPhone 4 has the same megapixel camera, but the iPhone 4 camera can shoot HD videos and significantly better image quality. Moreover, with the secondary camera available on the iPhone 4, the Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 camera comparison has come for the bitter end for Blackberry Torch.

Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 Comparison: Operating System

Both smartphones comes with a new OS. The Apple iPhone 4 has the new iOS 4 that brings some important features such as better “multitasking” capabilities, universal inbox and also exchange support (The Blackberry OS has covered those things long time ago, by the way). On the other side of the ring Blackberry Torch intros the Blackberry OS 6, the new OS that is promised to be faster and more reliable compared to Blackberry OS 5. So which one is the winner? Well, I’d say the Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 OS comparison comes to a tie.

Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 Comparison: Battery

In this new Apple iPhone 4, we finally get to see the Apple iPhone 4 survives through the full day. On the other hands, RIM has always managed to make great battery and battery management for their Blackberry smartphones, and that is exactly the case with Blackberry Torch. The Blackberry Torch battery life is better compared to Apple iPhone 4. So it is obvious that the Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 battery comparison winner is the Blackberry torch with a slight margin.

Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 Comparison: Apps and App Market

Perhaps this one part where Apple iPhone 4 completely outrun the Blackberry Torch. The Apple App Store is a great source for apps, and countless app developers are submitting their apps to the Apple App store every day. Therefore, there are a lot of choice when it comes to apps. The Blackberry App World is not a bad app market, it is just that the development is not as fast as Apple App Store nor the Android Market. Hence the Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 apps and app market comparison ends with the win of Apple iPhone 4.

Put some comments about the Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 under and share your thoughts with us. If you ask me, I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed to the fact that RIM only uses 624 MHz processor for the Torch, but there’s a chance that the new Blackberry 6 OS can cover the performance.
Another interesting thing is the iPhone 4 death grip problem. Although Apple and several other company have provided the solution, I personally prefer the Torch 9800 with no deat-grip problem whatsoever.. But then again, it’s all depend on our preferences. So what about you? Which one will you choose in this Blackberry Torch vs iPhone 4 comparison?