06 March 2011


ai guys....wez k0rang kena baca entry kali ni au...semua pertanyaan yg bermain dikepala k0rang sal LI semua ad kat cn...so..baca jangan xbaca...then kat bwh skali da pesanan dr mdm z if k0rang dah terlupa atau xtau ye...saje aku nak ingatkan blk.....

aishhhhh pening memikirkan nak siapkan rep0rt ni...aiyaaaaaaaaa...
tp apa2 p0n...chaiy0k2 kwnku....!!!

1. Application for a training placement is fully student’s responsibility with minimal guidance from the Coordinator. However the application for placement to the respective company must ONLY be done through the Coordinator. Students are PROHIBITED to apply on their own and will be asked to terminate their training if found to do so.
2. Students are only allowed to undergo their training in chemical engineering related company and perform chemical engineering related projects or assignments. Students must report to the Coordinator if otherwise. Failure in compliance, students will be granted grade “FAIL” and are required to repeat their training.
3. Students shall gather enough information of the company before applying to avoid problems in training projects, workplace environment, accommodation, transportation
and location.
4. If a student is offered only ONE placement by the set deadline, the student must accept the offer as the application has been made at your own will.
5. In case of more than one offer, the student must decide the placement two weeks from the first offer by notifying the Coordinator, either acceptance or rejection.
6. Students who are not offered any placement after the deadline will be required to follow the Faculty’s arrangement without objection.
7. The Faculty has the right to grant grade “FAIL” to the students and terminate the training if they are found to change their place of training without the Faculty’s approval.
8. Female students who are confirmed pregnant by the UiTM Health Center (Pusat Kesihatan UiTM) or a government hospital BEFORE and DURING training period are strongly advised to postpone their training to the following semester. They will be instructed to take “Special Leave” (Cuti Khas) and are only allowed to take this course after giving birth. Students will be monitored closely by the Faculty. The Faculty has the right to terminate the students’ training and grant grade “FAIL” to students who do not comply with this requirement.
9. Students should complete their 18 weeks training as specified by the coordinator.
DEC 2010 –APR 2011
1. Students shall always comply to company confidentiality policy and never reveal any information of the company, in terms of documents, process, procedure, design, supplier lists or customer lists, product prices and raw materials costs, softcopy documents or photograph and others confidential information, to any parties unless with consent of the company. The Faculty will not take responsibility if students are charged by the company on this matter. The Faculty has the right to terminate the students from training and grant grade “FAIL” if found guilty.
2. Students shall also take care of the Faculty’s confidentiality on research works and findings. Students at all time shall portray good image of the University and never initiate severe criticisms and complaints against the University. Students must also keep Faculty confidential information unless earlier permission is granted.
1. Students shall always comply with both the UiTM (Act 174) and company’s rules and regulations during the training period.
2. Students shall always attend to work punctually. In case of emergency and illness, students shall inform the supervisor immediately and seek his/her approval.
3. Students shall never refuse to perform tasks or project assigned by giving excuses, such as dirty environment, lack of interest, high level of difficulty or unavailability after office hours.
4. Students shall complete any projects and tasks assigned independently by the deadline without excuse. Students shall seek advice from their supervisor in case of any difficulties. Students must not keep quiet and ignore the assigned project without getting their supervisor’s approval.
5. Students shall not make any unnecessary complaints or criticisms against the company or management.
6. Students with disciplinary problem may face legal action taken by the company and consequently disciplinary action by Lembaga Tatatertib Universiti.
1. Students shall inform the new address, contact number, and email address of student and company to the Coordinator/Evaluator. Such as if there is a transfer to other sites within the same company. Faculty will not take any responsibility for any consequences due to students’ failure.
2. Students shall not terminate their training at the company for whatever reasons UNLESS permission is granted by the Faculty. Students who intentionally violate this ruling shall be granted grade “FAIL” and are required to repeat the training.
DEC 2010 –APR 2011
3. In case of injuries or illnesses that do not permit the continuation of the training, students must produce written evidence from UiTM Health Center (Pusat Kesihatan UiTM) or a government hospital to the Faculty.
4. In the case of the company closedown on the reasons of major accidents such as fire, explosion and non-compliance towards safety by DOSH and financial losses, students shall inform the Coordinator/Evaluator immediately for further arrangement.
5. Students who are involved in activities not related to the training scope which affect the total training period, must obtain written approval from the Faculty prior to the involvement.
1. Good health is another key performance indicator in any chemical industries. Thus, students who plan to go for training must ensure that they are fit to work prior to course registration. Students are required to perform medical check up at the UiTM Health Center (Pusat Kesihatan UiTM) if requested by the company.
2. Married female student who are confirmed pregnant, are highly encouraged and advised not to proceed with the training.
3. Students must produce evidence to the Coordinator that they are fit to work. Students who are found unhealthy or unfit for work shall be asked to postpone their training until conditions improved.
1. The log book must be filled properly and accordingly.
2. The report should contain the following elements: (Maximum total page 20)
a. Introduction
b. Content
i. Organization chart and history of the company
ii. Process flow
iii. Daily activity in brief
iv. Description of task assigned, e.g. mini project
c. Conclusion
3. Students are required to collect information for the daily activities and prepare the final report at least one month before the submission date.
4. The report should be comprehensive and able to show the company’s profile, projects performed, results and discussion on the success and failure of the projects and knowledge and experience gained during the training.
5. Students must submit the softcopy of the report to the coordinator at the faculty by 31st March 2011. Failure to do so shall be granted grade “FAIL”.
DEC 2010 –APR 2011
6) Submit the log book and hard copy report to the coordinator of Faculty by 12th Apr 2011. Late submission will not be entertained and the students shall be granted grade “FAIL”. Unsatisfactory log book and report shall be returned to the respective student for any correction. Failure on the students to re-submit the corrected version by the specified date, the students shall be granted grade “FAIL”.
1. Good presentation skill is one of the criteria to obtain grade “PASS” in Industrial Training course, CHE351.
2. Students shall attend the presentation with proper attire. Computer, LCD projector or overhead projector will be prepared upon request. Students are advised to prepare for any unexpected occurrence, such as black-out, computer failure, improper LCD setting or file corruption.
3. Students must turn up for presentation on time. The presentation will be evaluated by the appointed visiting lecturer(s) and the supervisor from the company. Late presentation shall not be entertained. Students who do not turn up for the presentation shall be granted grade “FAIL” unless a medical certificate issued by the UiTM Health Centre or Government Hospital is presented.
4. The presentation should contain the following elements:
a. Introduction
b. Content
i. Organization chart and history of the company
ii. Process flow
iii. Daily activity in brief
iv. Description of task assigned, e.g. mini project
c. Conclusion
5. Oral presentation shall be done not more than 15 minutes followed by questions and answer from panels not more than 10 minutes.
6. The presentation is tentatively set on any visiting day by visiting lecturer from 21st March 2011 – 10th Apr 2011. The presentation venue, date and time must be approved by supervisor and visiting lecturer. Please keep your coordinator informed of any changes to your corresponding e-mail and postal address.

Following are important deadlines:
Student Placement Confirmation : 6th November 2010
Practical Training Period : 6th Dec 2010 to 10th Apr 2011 (18 weeks)
Softcopy of Report Due : 31st March 2011
Logbook and Hardcopy Report Due : 12th Apr 2011
Industrial Training Visiting/Presentation : 21st March 2011 – 10th Apr 2011


1.submit softcopy by email..~~>email madam sopiah tau
2.hardcopy n l0gbo0k kena anta sendiri kat madam s0piah kat uitm dungun
3.rep0rt~~>max min juz around 20 pages only~~detail in logbo0k ok..!!
plg penting c0ver rep0rt...YELL0W ok..!!
4.pasal mini pr0ject plak~~aku da tanye madam if xbuat camane kan..s0 mdm jawab..>Mini project is just a simple project..maybe you can inform  your supervisor to suggest a very simple project..or assignments...maybe documentation of analysis, safety...and etc..project is not necessary only from physical works..or...you can suggest any idea to your supervisor.. ok..!!
5.sal evalaution plak...mdm jawab>List of visiting lecturers will be informed soon..Be alert with any updates in our blog....k untuk memudah k0rang nak g bl0g mdm...ni dia link nya..

ermmmmm....s0 selamat membuat rep0rt la ya kawan2.....!!!GUD LUCK MYFWENS

annyeOnghi gaseyO.....^^,